miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Happy Birthday Peter Facinelli

Dear Peter:
This page was made for you, for your support in Latin America And today on your birthday all your Fans Latinos want to wish you a Happy Birthday wishing you the best for you and your family.
Hope you're surrounded by your family, your friends and all your dreams come true reality.

From Latin America with love ♥

@FacinelliLatino(Kami) Country:Argentina

BY@FacinelliForeve Conuntry:Mexico

BY@Nancy_Ug Contry:Nicaragua

Happy Birthday Peter, today is day to remember all the good memories of your live, to remember who loves you and who you love, a day to be gra ...teful with everything in your life. Thanks for give us so much through your acting, you've changed my life in a way that i'd never expect. thanks again. xox
BY@GinaDuarte Country:Colombia

Peter: Happy birthday!!! I want to wish you all the best. May your life be filled by love, peace, health, happiness, and good moments. Then, t ...hank you so much for being the amazing person, father actor and everything you are. Tons of hugs from Mexico. I’ll see you somewhere, someday. Love Nancy.
BY Nancy Jimenez Country:Mexico

BYKrissBella StewartCullen

Thanks for being such an excellent person, an amazing actor and a great father and husband. Happy birthday. Uruguay loves u!!!
@AgussVB Country:Uruguay

BY @fanofthefamous(Maite) Country:Argentina

BY Michelle Barrutia

@DaniitzaKelly Country:Perú

BY@AnnaMasen Country:Chile


@TeamDylan_Kelly Country:Mexico

¡¡¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PETER !!! From Uruguay, I wish you all the ebst today and always, you deserve to be happy. congratulations for your fantastic talent, we love youuu , kisses <3 Manuela (LadyEsme fb)LadyEsme (Manuela)

By @NenneeGreene

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